Daisuke Nimura7

I recently stumbled across the drawings and gifs of Nimura Daisuke and fell in love.  So simple.  So charming.  As a cartoonist myself, I find myself getting caught up too much in unnecessary details and seeing work like Daisuke’s reminds me that simplicity can still be so powerful.  I want to know every couple’s story in his drawings.  They’re all so relatable yet so mysterious, like a Japanese version of Chris Ware.

Daisuke Nimura1 Daisuke Nimura2 Daisuke Nimura3
Daisuke Nimura5 Daisuke Nimura6
Daisuke Nimura8 Daisuke Nimura9

Daisuke Nimura4


After months of absence, I finally came across something that warmed my chilly heart enough to share on this here blog.  Phil Ferguson, a Melbourne-based artist has been crocheting hats and posting them on his Instagram for about a year and a half now, a project that I hope will never end.  Mostly food based with the occasional object sprinkled in, his giant food hats frame his serious mustached face so perfectly.  Phil Ferguson, thank you.









 Follow Phil to see more of his hat creations on his Instagram.


I love these little animated scenes of simple life in Japan by Toyoi Yuuta.  They perfectly capture a quietness that I hope to one day experience in real life.  So simple.  So nice.  So Japanese.  The rainy ones remind me a little of a combination of Miyazaki and To the Moon, except they don’t make me cry uncontrollably.  Jesus God, To the Moon made me cry.  It so quickly entered and left my life and now I am changed.  If you don’t want to spend four hours of your life feeling weird, listen to this and maybe you’ll understand.




japangif7 japangif1


My career in girl scouting was short lived, the last patch I earned being that cool rainbow Brownie to Junior patch I received before promptly deciding enough was enough.  Something makes me think that I stuck it through the Brownie years just because my eyes were on that sweet patch prize.

While visiting my parents, I came across my old uniform in the back of my childhood closet and it was filled with colorful merit badges and enamel pins that I got for “doing good…” or “bettering myself…”  Becoming “more well rounded as a good little citizen…”

So when cool new adult versions of the flair started popping up on my Instagram and Pinterest feeds and I found that  I can happily decorate my clothing while doing no good at all – well, I was thrilled.  These are some of my favorites, see below for where you can find these gems.

Frida Kahlo | Daria & Jane | Paper Airplane | Too Bad So Sad | Zodiac Signs | No Likes | Poop Emoji | CMYK | Frequent Crier Program | Poke then Pizza? | Procrastin | Teen Wolf | Dancing Girls Emoji | NY | Bomb Pop | Erase You | Sriracha | Noodle | 8008135 | Mad Men | Heart Lolli | Antisocial Media | 1% Low Battery 


I know I wrote about Mad Men about two months ago, but now that the show is officially over, I think one more final farewell is in order.  To the show that brought me so much joy these last few years.  The only one that I have bothered to watch live since moving out of my parents’ house eight years ago and the only one I’m excited to watch again.  The show that made me laugh, cry, and every emotion in between in the way that only Toy Story 3 ever could.

Mad Men

 So Long, friend.  You will be missed.  

2007 – 2015









All behind the scene photos by Alex Majoli for TIME


Discovering VSCO


It took me a long time to fall in love with VSCO.  After multiple attempts at downloading and trying, I kept finding myself seeing the icon on my phone and realizing that I hadn’t opened it in months.  My go to editing app has always been Afterlight, and it seemed like VSCO didn’t have much more to offer to me that Afterlight didn’t already provide.  I was a one app girl, and that one app for me wasn’t VSCO.

About a week ago, though, everything changed.  Something compelled me to try it again and this time, something was different.  This time, there was The Grid.

The Grid is a clean, beautiful photography showcase similar to Tumblr or Flickr without all of the extra imagery you might not want to see when looking at photos.  It’s as if someone curated my Pinterest board and cut out its tongue.  That’s right – cut out its tongue!  And what I mean by that is that what the Grid does that other social media platforms don’t do is that it doesn’t have any text other than the user’s name, maybe a small profile and a caption that you can only see if you click into the photo.  No comments, no likes, no follower counts, nothing.  Only beautiful photos without the nonsense.

vsco2 ryanjjohnson

vsco3 lichipan

vsco4 roanjean

I know that VSCO’s Grid serves a different purpose than other platforms.  I still like looking at pictures my friends share from their lives, and sharing mine too.  What I don’t like doing though, is how some photos I take that I love, may not be ones my friends care to see.  Call me insecure, but it’s hard for me to not be hung up on someone laughing at a photo of my drizzled sriracha omelet.  VSCO has held my hand in this.  VSCO doesn’t judge.  VSCO lets me be me.  I don’t care if anyone sees them, and with VSCO I can’t find out if they do.  It’s like pasting photos into a photo album for you to look at and maybe someone finds one day.  That being said, here’s my link.  Look or don’t look, but I’ll still be making it either way.

vsco5 vitorjoh

vsco6 srt4shawn

vsco7 anthonymarcano

vsco8 austinxc04



I wasn’t the only one out this weekend, enjoying the warm weather after what seemed like an endless winter.  For the first time in a long time, I visited Prospect Park and just like seeing an old friend, it wasn’t hard to pick up right where we left off.  For a few hours, we filled up on sunshine, bread, and cheese while most of the other park visitors did the same.

I’ve been sitting on these songs for a while.  Most of which I play regularly.  Some are sad, some happy, but all are definitely worthy of listening to when you’re feeling low energy, good attitude.  At a park or otherwise.



I could look at cinemagraphs all day long and honestly, up until I saw Moscow-based Daria Khoroshavina and Olga Kolesnikova’s Kitchen Ghosts images, I had forgotten all about them.  These beautifully styled and eerie cinemagraphs have made me stop and take a long stare at the artists’ work in this vast museum of the internet.



I’m not going to lie, these images make me feel weird.  Maybe it’s the facelessness.  Maybe it’s the slow and deliberate use of kitchen tools that look oddly violent.  Maybe it’s that glass of sangria I drank with dinner.  Despite the reason, I can’t help but want more.  More please!







All images found on the artists’ tumblr, Buttery Planet.  Can’t wait to see what these two friends and collaborators have for us in the future.


Mad Style


I started watching Mad Men in 2012, splitting half of my screen with a streaming episode while the other half held some personal project.  My personal projects may have changed a lot since then, but my love for Mad Men has not.  Last season, I started doing a little more work after each week’s viewing, having recommendations from a couple friends who are much better at tv than I am.  Two of my favorites recaps are: Molly Lambert’s on Grantland and Tom and Lorenzo’s Mad Style.  Before this season’s premiere (!!!) I started geeking out on these promo shots to prepare and came across these photobooth pictures by Frank Ockenfels.  Ockenfels does a ton of television advertising campaigns and movie posters, and even though I see one of his photos every day on my commute, these are definitely my favorite.  (Although these are pretty good too.)




Oscar Picks

This year for the first time ever, I managed to watch every Oscar Nomination for Best Picture, and most of the Actor/Actress contenders with the exception of Foxcatcher and Two Days, One Night.   Next year I am determined not to punk out and watch them all.  Anyway,  I’m no critic, but here are my thoughts on this Sunday’s results.



Boyhood is my first choice, as well as the first film I saw on the list last summer.  Being a big fan of Linklater’s other work, specifically the Before trilogy, I knew I’d be in for some wonderful writing and performances that would make my jaw drop with their accuracy.  Some of the scenes in Before Sunset, phoof… I remember some wide eyed exclamations coming out of me on that one.  Boyhood wasn’t much different, this time focusing more on growing up and family life than on pretty much the best on screen couple of all time… Obviously, I’m a little biased.


I went into Birdman without much prior knowledge and I was blown away by the crazy artistry of director, Alejandro González Iñárritu.  The performances were wonderful, Edward Norton and Zach Galifianakis surprised me in the best way and the peek inside of the theatre world was awesome to see.  Bravo.


The Imitation Game didn’t initially interest me when I watched the trailer but after watching it I was shocked at how wrong I was!  This movie was the most surprising of all for me – thinking I would hate it and ended up loving it so much.  I’m so torn between Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne for Best Actor.  I loved both of their performances so much.  I’m getting weepy just thinking of it.



Redmayne’s performance of Stephen Hawking was out of this world.  I know I just said I’m torn but.. Holy shit. Wow.


stillaliceI’ll be honest, this moving terrified the hell out of me.  The thought of losing your memory is one of the scariest things in the world, truly brought to light (and brought to tears) to me in 2004’s The Notebook.  This fear is expected by me as most great Oscar nominated films make you feel something and like Redmayne, oh boy, did Julianne Moore’s depiction of a woman with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease make me feel something.  The movie itself I think could have used a little more character development, but Moore was great and deserving of the award.



While I can’t make judgement on most of the other categories, missing some or all of the nominees,  last week I had the pleasure of watching the Best Animated Shorts at the IFC Center.  The Dam Keeper is a beautiful animation about a pig dealing with bullying, friendship, and society getting him down.  I went through the gamut of emotions with this one.  I laughed! I cried! I was both angry and afraid.  That being said, please seek this out.  Also, the soundtrack is quite lovely, which I didn’t notice at the time but am enjoying at this very moment.  Reminds me a little of the To The Moon game soundtrack which is wonderful, but also gives me some anxiety after playing that game through in one sitting and FEELING SO MUCH.

Who do you think is going to win this year?  I can’t wait to see!