Daisuke Nimura7

I recently stumbled across the drawings and gifs of Nimura Daisuke and fell in love.  So simple.  So charming.  As a cartoonist myself, I find myself getting caught up too much in unnecessary details and seeing work like Daisuke’s reminds me that simplicity can still be so powerful.  I want to know every couple’s story in his drawings.  They’re all so relatable yet so mysterious, like a Japanese version of Chris Ware.

Daisuke Nimura1 Daisuke Nimura2 Daisuke Nimura3
Daisuke Nimura5 Daisuke Nimura6
Daisuke Nimura8 Daisuke Nimura9

Daisuke Nimura4


Maybe I’m jumpy, but I swear, night runners freak me the hell out.  In their spandex gear and knee high socks, running to the beat of some dance hit, what are you doing? What kind of person runs up behind someone after dark and not expect to be maced or elbowed in the face?  I’ve found myself multiple times ready for the worst to happen only for it to be a stupid runner.  One of these days I will get my revenge and they’ll learn.  Oh, they’ll learn.

I just discovered this beautiful comic from Luke Pearson. Enjoy and happy Friday! :)


I hope you all had a wonderful New Year celebration and rang in 2014 with the ones you love.  I most certainly did.  Lots of love, cheese, and sangria.  In lieu of a post about the resolutions or goals I may or may not try to reach this year, I’ve decided to post some inspirational comics from Zen Pencils.  Zen Pencils is a website created by Gavin Aung Than, a freelance cartoonist from Melbourne, Australia featuring famous quotes adapted into cartoons by the artist.







These are only a few of my favorites, also check out these quotes by Bill Watterson (of Calvin & Hobbes), Neil Gaiman, Confucius, and Carl Sagan.  But be warned, like Pringles, you may not be able to stop.