Oh, hello there.  It’s been some time.  Did you change your hair?  You look great.  After months of not posting anything, I found this draft saved from February.  Nine months later and I’m still very into these gifs by LA-based illustrator, Sachin Teng.  Enjoy.



After months of absence, I finally came across something that warmed my chilly heart enough to share on this here blog.  Phil Ferguson, a Melbourne-based artist has been crocheting hats and posting them on his Instagram for about a year and a half now, a project that I hope will never end.  Mostly food based with the occasional object sprinkled in, his giant food hats frame his serious mustached face so perfectly.  Phil Ferguson, thank you.









 Follow Phil to see more of his hat creations on his Instagram.


I could look at cinemagraphs all day long and honestly, up until I saw Moscow-based Daria Khoroshavina and Olga Kolesnikova’s Kitchen Ghosts images, I had forgotten all about them.  These beautifully styled and eerie cinemagraphs have made me stop and take a long stare at the artists’ work in this vast museum of the internet.



I’m not going to lie, these images make me feel weird.  Maybe it’s the facelessness.  Maybe it’s the slow and deliberate use of kitchen tools that look oddly violent.  Maybe it’s that glass of sangria I drank with dinner.  Despite the reason, I can’t help but want more.  More please!







All images found on the artists’ tumblr, Buttery Planet.  Can’t wait to see what these two friends and collaborators have for us in the future.

New York in Nine Coffees

Based off of this NY Times article, with coffee in hand, I illustrated this map outlining the nine coffees featured.  It was a fun way to kick off the weekend while binge watching some Netflix and listening to café jams.

Now that it’s officially the fall time, I’ve made the transition to hot coffee from my beloved iced. What is it about the fall that makes this time of year so nostalgic?  Is it our memories of going back to school and the lead up to the holiday season?  The drastic change in clothing and the slow come down off of the summer?  Who knows.  Anyway, I like it.  Keep it comin’ fall.  Boots on.  Swimsuit off.


I think I first discovered Hawk Krall when I moved to Philadelphia a few years ago and noticed his hot dog illustrations hanging on the walls of Hot Diggity on South Street.  I started following his work and was so happily surprised to see his mural at Pizza Brain, a restaurant that opened up in my neighborhood in the city.  Everything about Krall’s work is on point: the colors, the movement of all the ingredients, the text.  Just wonderful.  I’ve since left the city but continue to admire Krall’s work, making sure to pick up this print he did for Elixir coffee in Center City on my way to work during one of my last days there.

hkrall-menus-nachotots hkrall-PERRO500


Krall’s Pizza Brain mural in their backyard

hkrall-Poutine_original hkrall-yesterdog-art-500

Oh man, now I’m starving.  To see more of Krall’s work, you can follow him on Instagram, Tumblr, or his blog.


It’s funny how every Chinese Take-Out Menu you look at looks the same.  Same items, same red and green text, same large placemat format.  As an exercise, I decided to give it a new modern overhaul.  No. 2 Panda Garden: an alleyway Chinese restaurant run by hipsters. In three colorways.




I got a couple of test prints of my pizza map and they turned out great!  They’re 18×24″, borderless and printed on heavy matte 180 g/m2 paper.  The colors are so vibrant and beautiful, much more than the digital print and look fantastic.

Limited run.

I’ve opened an Etsy shop for print sales! Check it out here:


cafeduet6After months and months of planning and preparing, I’m happy to announce the recent opening of Café Duet, a brand new coffee shop in my hometown of Stroudsburg, PA.  The owners and very close friends, Dan and Maria, have created a dream destination for locals and tourists looking for a charming home away from home to relax, have some conversation, or even work.  When I went there to visit today, there was a woman outside sipping coffee and sewing stuffed monsters.
cafeduet3 cafeduet9cafeduet7cafeduet10Their menu’s simple and to the point: drinks, baked goods, and a soup and salad of the day. Today’s salad was mixed greens, red plums, tomatoes, and prosciutto with a dijon vinaigrette. It was sooo delicious.  All their ingredients are fresh and local and they proudly serve Stumptown coffee.cafeduet8cafeduet12cafeduet2cafeduet11Living in a small town, you don’t have many options when you leave the house, so it’s really exciting to have a new place that everyone can enjoy.  I’m so proud to have had the opportunity to work with Dan and Maria designing their logo and website.  They’ve only been open for about a week and already the town’s buzzing.  Yay for local businesses!  If you’re ever in the area (vacationing in the Poconos, perhaps?), be sure to check them out.  You can follow them here, here, or here.  Tell them I sent you! ;)


Last week I shared a map I made of the pizza places in Fishtown and mentioned a Berlin version that I made for my buds’ going away present.  In the spirit of sharing, here it is.


I’m sad that the reason for making them was for a going away present.  A couple friends from the neighborhood recently moved to Berlin to pursue some really great job opportunities, and it was always a little joke between us that there were a crazy amount of pizza places in very close proximity to our homes.  I wanted to illustrate this as a reminder of where they came from and how they’ll be missed.

The best part about this map is that it’s already out of date.  That’s right, while working around the other day, I came across another pizza place opening up this summer!  Looks like this may only be the first edition…

**UPDATED 11/24/13: Added the new pizza places in the neighborhood!**