After months of absence, I finally came across something that warmed my chilly heart enough to share on this here blog.  Phil Ferguson, a Melbourne-based artist has been crocheting hats and posting them on his Instagram for about a year and a half now, a project that I hope will never end.  Mostly food based with the occasional object sprinkled in, his giant food hats frame his serious mustached face so perfectly.  Phil Ferguson, thank you.









 Follow Phil to see more of his hat creations on his Instagram.


Are you currently experiencing excitement in your life?  Well, you should listen to  Comedy Bang Bang Episode #257: Nuts As A Pile of Nuts with Will Forte and Paul F. Tompkins.  Give it a chance and you won’t be sorry.


So in case you haven’t heard, there’s this really cool band called Backfat Hoagie that’s local here in Philly.

Backfat Hoagie is a freak-folk outfit that consists of Frankie Pancakes on rainstick and Louis H. Rancheros aka Louie “The Poop” Rodriguez on bongos.  They’re first EP, Cold Cuts will include their songs “Beat it in the Street” and “Babaloo.”  They’ve been described as “disgusting” and “intriguing,” in the local Philly scene.

I had the honor of designing the cover of the band’s first record, Cold Cuts and got a preview of their summertime jams.  Some might call it unlistenable.

The truth of the story is, Backfat Hoagie is part of a long running joke between me and my boyfriend.  Every now and then, a good band name will strike us and I’ll jot it down somewhere.  The song titles are mostly little things we say when we’re half asleep or have been sipping too much giggle juice.

Recently, I took this Skillshare class, and needed an idea for the project.  Finally, Backfat Hoagie went from being just a silly joke to a silly joke with art.  Cold Cuts isn’t even released yet, and already a new single is coming out called “Vomit on the Beach (Mayonnaise in the Sun).”  It’s going to be the new “Pumped Up Kicks” of 2013.