While I was in Hanoi, I discovered a new love for something I thought already held enough space in my heart.

That love was for my new best fruit friend, lime. A fruit I am ashamed to admit, I never thought of much before.

It was an OK fruit.

A fruit that was nice to squeeze onto some tacos or in a drink. Key lime pie was all right, but if you were to tell me that key lime pie was your favorite pie I’d think you were most certainly lying. To my face. Lying straight to my face.

But then, here I was, sitting with a friend inĀ VietnamĀ over a bowl of pho and my tune changed quickly and forever. How could I have ever doubted you my sweet and sour green pal? You were hiding right in front of my eyes just waiting to be loved. A quality I’ve never prescribed to a food but I am now prescribing to you. I am now a lime girl. You’ve made me spiral very quickly, dear lime. I will squeeze your guts out of you until one of us goes first, and I hope it’s me.