My career in girl scouting was short lived, the last patch I earned being that cool rainbow Brownie to Junior patch I received before promptly deciding enough was enough.  Something makes me think that I stuck it through the Brownie years just because my eyes were on that sweet patch prize.

While visiting my parents, I came across my old uniform in the back of my childhood closet and it was filled with colorful merit badges and enamel pins that I got for “doing good…” or “bettering myself…”  Becoming “more well rounded as a good little citizen…”

So when cool new adult versions of the flair started popping up on my Instagram and Pinterest feeds and I found that  I can happily decorate my clothing while doing no good at all – well, I was thrilled.  These are some of my favorites, see below for where you can find these gems.

Frida Kahlo | Daria & Jane | Paper Airplane | Too Bad So Sad | Zodiac Signs | No Likes | Poop Emoji | CMYK | Frequent Crier Program | Poke then Pizza? | Procrastin | Teen Wolf | Dancing Girls Emoji | NY | Bomb Pop | Erase You | Sriracha | Noodle | 8008135 | Mad Men | Heart Lolli | Antisocial Media | 1% Low Battery