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Discovering VSCO


It took me a long time to fall in love with VSCO.  After multiple attempts at downloading and trying, I kept finding myself seeing the icon on my phone and realizing that I hadn’t opened it in months.  My go to editing app has always been Afterlight, and it seemed like VSCO didn’t have much more to offer to me that Afterlight didn’t already provide.  I was a one app girl, and that one app for me wasn’t VSCO.

About a week ago, though, everything changed.  Something compelled me to try it again and this time, something was different.  This time, there was The Grid.

The Grid is a clean, beautiful photography showcase similar to Tumblr or Flickr without all of the extra imagery you might not want to see when looking at photos.  It’s as if someone curated my Pinterest board and cut out its tongue.  That’s right – cut out its tongue!  And what I mean by that is that what the Grid does that other social media platforms don’t do is that it doesn’t have any text other than the user’s name, maybe a small profile and a caption that you can only see if you click into the photo.  No comments, no likes, no follower counts, nothing.  Only beautiful photos without the nonsense.

vsco2 ryanjjohnson

vsco3 lichipan

vsco4 roanjean

I know that VSCO’s Grid serves a different purpose than other platforms.  I still like looking at pictures my friends share from their lives, and sharing mine too.  What I don’t like doing though, is how some photos I take that I love, may not be ones my friends care to see.  Call me insecure, but it’s hard for me to not be hung up on someone laughing at a photo of my drizzled sriracha omelet.  VSCO has held my hand in this.  VSCO doesn’t judge.  VSCO lets me be me.  I don’t care if anyone sees them, and with VSCO I can’t find out if they do.  It’s like pasting photos into a photo album for you to look at and maybe someone finds one day.  That being said, here’s my link.  Look or don’t look, but I’ll still be making it either way.

vsco5 vitorjoh

vsco6 srt4shawn

vsco7 anthonymarcano

vsco8 austinxc04

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