DIY Crochet Dreamcatcher


One of the things on my list of ’25 things to do before I turn 25′ is learn how to crochet.  I just ordered Simple Crocheting by Erika Knight and am excited to get started on some new projects once I get settled into a new place.

I’ve had dreamcatchers as a kid and haven’t thought about them much, until I saw these on A Beautiful Mess.  I knew that they might not look exactly the same, but after finding some vintage doilies and checking out a few tutorials online, I came up with my own interpretation.  As I’ve gushed on my past blog and will probably continue to gush, the gals (and guy) at A Beautiful Mess really know what they’re doing.  They’re so inspiring and have made me think about my living spaces differently.  I’ll definitely be following some of their tips and tutorials in my new home.

Vintage or New Crocheted Doilies, I found that the more delicate ones work better than the heavier yarn versions.
Embroidery hoops (a size or two larger than the circumference of the doily, depending on how much give your doily has)

Cut several pieces of yarn about 3 inches long.  Depending on the design, choose a good place to loop through the doily to attach it to the inner hoop.  Pull it close to the hoop and double knot it on.  On the opposite side of the doily, tie another string to attach.  Ideally, you’d like the doily to stretch a little so it’s taut on the hoop.  Continue to tie and attach on the opposite sides of the first ties, so the doily is full stretched.

Patiently continue tying the doily all the way around until it’s attached to your liking. ( Some designs require more tying than others.)  If  you match the correct size doily to the correct size hoop, there won’t be any need to overlap the doily on top of the hoop.  If you do, it’s no big deal as long as the doily is delicate enough to allow the outer hoop to fit properly.

dreamcatchers3When the doily is secure, position the outer hoop according to how you want the design to be viewed and tighten the screw.  Now that you’ve got the base of the dreamcatcher, it’s time to decorate the bottom.  If you want yours to have a similar look to Emma’s on ABM, take long pieces of yarn to create fringe, fold then in half and loop tie them onto the bottom of the dreamcatcher.

Using a similar technique, you can take single pieces of yarn and attach feathers and beads.  I played around making some with matching yarn and some with contrasting yarn.

As simple as that, you’ve got yourself some doily dreamcatchers.  I did several of them in an evening, listening to Prairie Home Companion and feeling old.  It was a wonderful day.


Hopefully this will inspire you to make your own dreamcatchers.  I’d love to see what people do with them!  Have a happy weekend everyone!

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