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Korean Skincare

As someone who has worked for a major skincare brand in the past… As someone who has always struggled with skin problems… There are more than a few consistent habits I’ve picked up since moving to Korea.

Rice almost every day? Sure. Winter coat indoors? Most definitely. Brushing teeth three times a day? Sure, I try. But the one thing that is consistent and actually enjoyable for me is skincare. Yes, that’s right folks. I have adopted a multi-step Korean skincare regimen.

Not quite 10-14 steps as some people do, but I always put, let’s count it — 6 products on my face nightly.

It’s admittedly ridiculous but I enjoy every bit of it. Join me, on this self-care journey – will you?


Oil cleansers help remove most of your makeup. I’ve tried a few different kinds but currently, I use TonyMoly Wonder Apricot Seed Deep Cleansing Oil. It’s slippery and smells nice but I’m pretty sure it’s been discontinued. It gives you that terrifying raccoon face until you use a…


Though my current second cleanser is technically a gel cleanser, I’ve used different types over the course of time. Gel/foam cleansers help remove the rest of your makeup and make your skin feel squeaky clean. My favorite is Cosrx Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser. It smells like tea tree oil, which is a little stinky but not bad.


Now if you didn’t think my skin wasn’t clean enough already then here comes the toners! I use It’S SKIN Clinical Solution Pore Powder In Toner that removes the rest of my makeup and is good for what K-Beauty folks call “trouble skin.” Because it’s a little drying (and I got it for free), I use It’S SKIN Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Toner so my face feels a little less stiff. *shrug* Who knows if it does anything.


Next up – Vitamin C Serum! dear KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum helps fade some old acne spots and people swear by it. I feel like it’s helped a bit and it makes me feel fancy. I keep it in the fridge next to the sad fruit.


Lastly, I put on my night moisturizer, Holika Holika Honey Sleeping Pack in Canola, which is basically like putting creamy honey on your face. It dries pretty quickly and smells like honey and magazine perfume. I look like a very shiny monster after applying it and that’s okay.

What I enjoy about Korean skincare is the affordability and cuteness of it all. My sleeping pack comes in a honey jar and if I want to treat myself to a sheet mask I can look like this.


For when I’m feeling like my skin is looking dull but also need to channel some middle school juggalos/want to look like a terrifying panda person.

So, doggone it (panda-gone it?), give it a try if you’re interested. I don’t know if any of it works or is necessary, but it makes me feel nice and advertisers have taught me that I’m worth it.


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