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Mix for the Middle of February


When I was a wily youth, I would make mix CDs for others, usually scrawled with something like “X-tina’s Cool Mix.” We’d have mix battles and mixes for boyfriends. Mixes to show off the cool new songs we’d burn off of the CDs we bought from the store and then throw them into slim jewel cases. We’d then either keep the jewel cases for passengers to step on and crack or we’d transfer them all into enormous dirty binders that sat on the floor or the backseat of the car. Once we all got iPods, we’d play the mixes through shitty FM radio contraptions that were delicately balanced on dashboards or plugged into cigarette lighter sockets. The signal was spotty mostly always and it was okay.

Then your car gets stolen when you’re working at an office job. You stop making mixes for friends but start making podcast playlists to make your days more interesting. You wear sensible shoes. You buy a commuter rail pass. You start drinking coffee at exactly 2:30pm every day so you can feel something.. You wonder what’s happened to you and how you’ve gone from CD books to Quickbooks..

Smash cut to six years later when you’re living in South Korea and find yourself making mixes again mostly for yourself but that’s okay. Thinking of days gone by. Staring at a WordPress dashboard.. THUS I present Music for Today, a semi but not really Valentine’s Day playlist of some music I’ve been collecting over the last year.

Most of the songs have been on my saved songs on Spotify (for Spotify playlist, click here) just waiting to be shared with others. Some songs I enjoy a lot but maybe don’t play all that much (The Shirelles, Air) or play way too much (Majical Cloudz, Natalie Prass.) Either way, happy middle of February to all. May your car forever be in your chosen possession.

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